Falcon/Death Star Kevlar Beader-Pandora special


Don't forget these...

This beautiful EDC necklace boasts Pandora brand exclusive Star Wars™ Millennium Falcon™ Dangle Charm. Hand-finished in sterling silver and 14k gold-plated metal, this two-tone Star Wars charm is full of the spirit of the galaxy. One dangle features the Millennium Falcon spaceship, including intricate technical details, while the other dangle features a tag with the Star Wars logo on one side and the engraving "Never tell me the odds" on the other side.

In orbit above the Falcon lies the Star Wars™ Death Star Clip Charm. Hand-finished in sterling silver, this Star Wars charm depicts the Death Star™ space station with intricate engraved details and a crater. This Death Star™ charm is inspired by the Empire's ultimate weapon, the massive space station armed with a planet-destroying superlaser. Add this charm to your collection and make one of the Star Wars galaxy's most iconic symbols a part of your everyday style.

Pair the strength of the light side with Kevlar rope, beautiful colored beads, Maglock magnets and you have yourself a piece of EDC art that will last for years to come.